The Blueprint of Authenticity

PRNTD safeguards the uniqueness of creative expression, fusing time-honored tradition with the latest in blockchain technology to guarantee the authenticity of every fine-art print and editorial work.

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Tomorrow's Fine-Art Prints and Publications Standard

At PRNTD, trust is more than a principle; it is the cornerstone of creative integrity, vital for the communication and appreciation of every fine-art print and editorial work. This belief drives our commitment to an ecosystem where authenticity is regarded as intrinsic. By pairing the rich traditions of the world of art with innovative technology, we ensure the legacy of creativity is both preserved and enhanced.

PRNTD’s Blockchain-Based Certification Technology

At PRNTD, we harness the potential of blockchain technology to lead in the certification of authenticity for fine-art prints and editorial content. PRNTD equips creators with a dynamic resource that not only validates but also draws attention to their original works. Partners, in turn, receive a result-driven solution that enhances market confidence and further solidifies their dedication to authentic quality. Our collaboration with creators and marketplaces alike is the embodiment of our commitment, ensuring every work is verified with meticulous attention to detail. PRNTD technology streamlines the authentication process, enhancing accessibility and reliability for all involved in the creative sphere. PRNTD is advancing a future where the fine-art and editorial sectors universally adopt verified authenticity, with every work transparently documented as a mark of excellence ready for global recognition.

Step #1

Download The PRNTD App

Available on iOS and Android, the PRNTD App is your gateway to a new level of authenticity. Download it from the App Store or Google Play to get started.

Step #2

Scan the QR Code

Each PRNTD-verified item features a unique QR Code. Use the PRNTD App to scan it, which sets you on the path to claim your certificate of authenticity.

Step #3

Redeem Your Certificate

Once the QR Code is scanned, you'll be directed to claim your certificate instantly. This action confirms your item's authenticity and your ownership of it.

Step #4

Unlock Exclusive Benefits

After redeeming your certificate, it's added to your PRNTD account. Here, you can view, manage, and enjoy exclusive perks available to authenticated item holders provided by artists and partners.


At PRNTD, we employ a systematic approach to guarantee authenticity and quality. Our methods combine cutting-edge technology with direct support for creators and partners, underpinned by a rigorous quality assurance process.


Blockchain Authentication

PRNTD implements pioneering and highly secure processes to assure the authenticity of high-end prints and publications. QRCode Card: Provides a unique digital ID for every piece, enabling a swift scan to uncover its comprehensive history. Redeem Process: Offers transparent, in-app verification firmly anchored to the blockchain for reliable authenticity. Certificate of Authenticity: Issues a blockchain-backed certificate, affirming each product’s originality and provenance.


Go-To-Market Solutions

PRNTD offers tailored commercialization strategies and solutions for artists and publishers in the fine-art print and editorial sectors. Strategic Channel Optimization: Efficiency-focused plans and deployment of an optimized commercialization platform. Tailored Market Analysis: Insightful research for effective market positioning and targeting of unique offerings. Customized Promotional Strategies: Marketing solutions designed for impactful presence and maximum reach.


Production & Logistics

PRNTD prints are guaranteed to be high-quality and precise, ensuring that every order is delivered securely worldwide. High-End Printing: Focus on meticulous quality, ensuring the preservation of the artistic integrity of each print. Sustainable Practices: Balances eco-friendly methods with premium quality, maintaining environmental responsibility in production and logistics. Global Shipping: Secure and pristine delivery to any destination, underlining our dedication to excellence and reliability.

Leading in blockchain technology

Our leading blockchain-based certification technology is a testament to this approach, offering more than a means of verification—it is a pledge of partnership and a symbol of excellence. It provides artists and partners with a transparent tool that unequivocally affirms the provenance of their creations. Simplifying the certification process, PRNTD upholds an uncompromising standard of quality. Adopt the PRNTD standard, where the authenticity of creative works is consistently validated and openly celebrated.


PRNTD advocates for the integrity of the fine-art and publishing industries by offering unwavering confirmation of provenance. We provide artists and collectors with the assurance that every fine-art print or publication is as authentic as the artist who created it, safeguarding legacies in an ever-changing digital marketplace.


Artists who entrust their creations to our quality.