Introducing CR7 by Woc: A PRNTD Limited Edition

At the intersection of graffiti and contemporary iconography, PRNTD is proud to present its latest collaboration with Woc featuring an exclusive limited-edition of fine-art prints – CR7 – powered by PRNTD technology, set to debut during Art Dubai 2024.

The Evolving Canvas of WOC: Street, Digital, and Beyond

Woc, born Flavio Rossi, is a visionary artist who captures the dynamism of contemporary culture, combining digital motifs with traditional mediums like canvas and street art. Originally from Turin, Italy, WOC initially set out on his creative path at the esteemed Accademia Albertina di Belle Arti, simultaneously making his mark in the urban graffiti landscape. After earning his degree in 2018, he began to expand into the digital realm, experimenting with the transformation of images from online visuals, media photographs, to iconic brand symbols.

His artistic trajectory then took a significant turn in 2017 when the iconic designer Virgil Abloh, the mind behind Off-White™, discovered Woc's talent through Instagram — an encounter that led to a prolific partnership that lasted until 2021, with Woc contributing his distinctive designs to several Off-White™ lines.

Throughout the years, Woc's unique aesthetic has attracted collaborations with prestigious entities including Universal Music, Sony Music, Adidas, and Nike, alongside partnerships with artists like Mecna, Myss Keta, and Michael Sorriso.

His creations have been featured in notable exhibitions like NESSUNO È SOLO, SOCIAL BOOM at Noire Gallery, and L’ultimo amore at In addition to his solo projects, Woc co-created the fashion label Italia90, where he is Art Director.

In 2022, Woc expanded his artistic portfolio with blockchain-based digital art, debuting on HEN with "BEAST (Mark Zuckerberg's dog)", opening a new chapter in his digital art explorations.

From Digital to Tangible: Woc's CR7 Series with PRNTD

Woc artfully merges digital culture's fleeting moments with the permanence of visual art, crafting works that not only endure but engage, provoking reflection on the evolving symbolism of our visual lexicon. Through his masterful blend of spray paint and pencils, he initiates a conversation with the viewer, challenging them to see beyond the transient to the transformative potential of art.In a significant evolution of this dialogue, Woc’s upcoming collaboration with PRNTD introduces an exclusive series of prints, notably featuring the CR7 piece, set to debut during Art Dubai 2024 — a collection that, comprising 30 distinct prints on 320g high grade cotton canvas certified by PRNTD’S blockchain-based authentication technology, seeks to capture the essence of digital art, rendering it into a tangible, lasting form.The narrative deepens with the presence of Cristiano Ronaldo’s representation in this piece, a figure synonymous with world-class excellence, now continuing his legacy at Al-Nassr FC since 2022. Ronaldo's iconic journey mirrors the essence of Woc’s artistic practice - a harmonious blend of contemporary iconography and timeless aesthetics. The CR7 series ultimately symbolizes a cultural and artistic bridge, connecting diverse worlds through the universal language of creativity, and marking a confluence of sports, art, and global narratives in a celebration of innovation and tradition.

Innovating Art Ownership: What A Series Like This Represents

In choosing PRNTD as a partner to serialize his prints, this partnership highlights yet another transformative moment in art's evolution, where the physical and digital creative landscapes converge to offer a tangible interaction through art. In addition to adding a novel layer of digital innovation to art, this collaboration sets precedents for the practice of derivative licensing — a concept that revolutionizes our approach to art ownership, emphasizing  dynamic engagement with works of art. It crafts a vibrant ecosystem where art becomes a portal to unique content, personal interactions with the artist, and immersive artistic experiences.

By moving beyond the simple act of owning an artwork to cultivating an interactive engagement with the piece, such a model can only continue to deepen the collector's journey significantly, one artwork at a time.