PRNTD at NFT FEST Lugano 2023 with Jesse Draxler

As the digital art community gathered in Lugano for the NFT FEST from September 7th-11th 2023, PRNTD proudly featured the stunning fine-art prints of world-renowned artist Jesse Draxler through an exclusive installation curated by Valuart Studio.

Bridging Authenticity and Innovation with PRNTD

PRNTD's commitment to craftsmanship and authenticity make it the ultimate bridge between timeless aesthetic appreciation and cutting-edge technological innovation. Each creation, from high-quality prints to meticulously crafted volumes, not only meets the most rigorous industry standards but is also imprinted with a distincitve digital hallmark: a QR code linked to an NFT, functioning as the artwork's unique blockchain-backed certificate of authenticity.

And what better stage to share such an innovative vision than through Jesse Draxler’s works?

Jesse Draxler’s Fine Art Prints Installation curated by Valuart Studio 

Jesse Draxler’s skill and influence, palpable since the inception of platforms like Tumblr, resonates profoundly across the broad spectrum of visual arts. 

A harmonious blend of fragmented and enigmatic expressions binds him seamlessly into the fabric of modern culture, attracting admirers from fashion, music, and more. And as a result, he has developed a fervent following both in the digital space and in the physical space throughout the years, with a global exhibition portfolio.

As part of a stunning showcase in the breathtaking setting of Villa Ciani, Draxler's installation, produced by Valuart Studio, gave a powerful insight into the rawness of life.

The prints were presented in such a way that emphasized their texture and depth; a meticulous approach, that encouraged attendees to engage in greater depth, allowing them examine the pieces up close. By facilitating such proximity, one could truly perceive and appreciate the intricate textures, layers, and nuances of every single print.  

A New Era of Art Appreciation

As the curtain closed on the NFT FEST Lugano 2023, it is clear that PRNTD's commitment goes beyond just showcasing works of art — it is about defining an entirely new paradigm of art appreciation.

By merging art with technology, PRNTD offers collectors a trusted platform to acquire and validate their pieces. With blockchain-certified prints and the functionality of the PRNTD App, art enthusiasts can now have both authenticity and unique experiences at their fingertips.