PRNTD: The Blueprint of Authenticity

Today, November 27th, marks the launch of PRNTD, a pivotal moment not only for the inception of a new ecosystem but also for initiating a new era in the authentication of creative works across the fine-art print and editorial sectors.

At the center of this significant event is the premiere of the PRNTD x Jesse Draxler collection consisting of four limited-edition canvas prints and the release of his Exhibition Book U&I.

We invite artists, publishers, art enthusiasts but also marketplaces to explore PRNTD's innovative solutions as we strive to transform the conventional understanding of fine-art prints and publications.


In the dynamic yet complex world of art and editorials, the evolution of digital technology has introduced both opportunities and challenges, especially in the realm of authenticity. PRNTD, with its innovative use of blockchain technology, addresses these challenges head-on, offering a transformative solution that redefines the standards of authenticity.

Blockchain technology, at its core, is about creating a permanent, unchangeable record. Each fine-art print art or editorial product is accompanied by an immutable digital ledger entry, providing evidence of its origins and history, a level of transparency and security that was unimaginable in traditional art, where authenticity often depended on expert opinions or physical documentation that could be lost or altered.

PRNTD’s blockchain-based approach goes beyond mere verification. It's about building a foundation of trust. By ensuring that each piece of art or editorial content registered with our technology carries an unalterable record of authenticity, we empower artists and marketplaces alike to safeguard their work against forgery and duplication. This technology is not just a tool; it's a pledge to uphold the integrity of every creation, bringing a newfound level of assurance to artists, publishers, and collectors.

We're setting a new precedent, where the value of creative works is intrinsically linked to its authenticity.


Jesse Draxler is a cult-status creative whose influence has been felt far and wide throughout the digital arts space since the early days of Tumblr. 

As a singular and innovative creator Draxler has threaded his brand of liminal, dimensionally fractured, stoic apparitions and ghost-drenched environments through the pillars of culture working thoroughly with the fashion and music industries as well as regular illustrative contributions to major publications. All the while maintaining a staggering studio practice, regularly exhibiting, and amassing dedicated collectors & die-hard fans in spaces both online and off.

Featuring a limited-edition collection of four canvas prints and his U&I Exhibition Book, this collaboration is more than just a merging of art and technology; it's a reflection of our shared commitment to redefining the essence of creativity and authenticity in an increasingly digital world that often loses touch with the sublime.

Draxler's distinctive style, marked by its haunting grayscale palettes and abstract forms, finds a new dimension of expression and validation through PRNTD's blockchain technology.

This collaboration is emblematic of our mission to bridge the gap between innovative artistic expression and technological precision. The "Jesse Draxler x PRNTD" collection not only showcases the uniqueness of each artwork but also underscores the critical importance of authenticating the creative vision behind it. 

This partnership is a testament to our belief in the power of technology to enhance, rather than overshadow, the artistic process, setting a new standard for integrity and authenticity in the art world.

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At PRNTD, our commitment to authenticity and quality is underpinned by a systematic approach that combines cutting-edge technology with unwavering support for creators and partners. This dedication is manifested through our comprehensive services:

Blockchain Authentication: We implement pioneering processes to assure the authenticity of high-end prints and publications. Our services include:

QRCode Card: Each artwork is assigned a unique digital ID, allowing a quick scan to reveal its complete history.

Redeem Process: We provide transparent, in-app verification, securely anchored to the blockchain, ensuring reliable authenticity.

Certificate of Authenticity: A blockchain-backed certificate is issued for each product, confirming its originality and provenance.

Go-To-Market Solutions: Tailored to the unique needs of artists and publishers in the fine-art print and editorial sectors, our strategies include:

Strategic Channel Optimization: We offer efficiency-focused plans and the development of optimized commercialization platforms.

Tailored Market Analysis: Insightful research aids in effective market positioning and targeting.

Customized Promotional Strategies: Our marketing solutions are designed for impactful presence and maximum reach.

Production & Logistics: Our commitment to quality is evident in every print and publication:

High-End Printing: We focus on meticulous quality to preserve the artistic integrity of each print.

Sustainable Practices: Our methods balance eco-friendliness with premium quality, upholding environmental responsibility.

Global Shipping: We ensure secure and pristine delivery internationally, showcasing our dedication to excellence and reliability.


As PRNTD looks towards the future, we envision ourselves at the forefront of a transformative movement that spans across the fine-art print and editorial worlds. 

The intersection of art, technology, and authenticity is not just a trend; it's a fundamental shift in how creativity is perceived and preserved. Our role in this evolving landscape goes beyond providing a service. We are catalysts for change, championing a future where the authenticity of creative works is not only assured but is the cornerstone of their value.

The debut of PRNTD, marked by our groundbreaking collaboration with Jesse Draxler, is only the beginning of our journey. From this moment onwards, we aim to continue empowering artists, publishers, colletors and partners with tools that instill confidence and trust in the authenticity of their creative endeavors, nurturing a world where the true essence of art is at the forefront.